Brian Engh Dinosaur Art Resources

I love Brian Engh. He is a really good artist. This is just a list of resources kinda like the one on I Know Dino.

Savage Ancient Seas

1. Savage Ancient Seas video

2. Seeing the Savage Ancient Seas exhibit.

Dinosaurs of Copper Ridge

1. Dinosaurs of Copper Ridge: Part 1 video

2. Going to see birds in nature
3. Seeing the Copper Ridge trackway
4. SV-POW! long necked sexual selection article, which is interesting
5. Dinosaurs of Copper Ridge: Part 2 video

6. Subscribing to the Hyena Project on Youtube
7. Follow Anne Hilborn on Twitter
8. Alaska Salmon Program on Twitter
9. Arjun Dheer on Twitter
10. Hyena Project on Twitter
11. The book, The Carnivorous Dinosaurs by Kenneth Carpenter
12. Check out the Hyena Project website


1. Aquilops video

2. Raymond Alf Museum Youtube
3. Raymond Alf Museum Aquilops video

4. Utahraptor Project
5. Visit the Alf Museum
6. Look for lizards
7. Research
8. Nerd Nite talk on Aquilops


1. Allosaurus video

2. Allosaurus scientific paper

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trackway
1. Nerd Nite talk video

1. Xiaphictinus video

2. Nautilus article


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