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Sorry, I haven't been blogging for a while but I thought I would blog. I have another blog so, this is my LAST post on Dinosaur Book Recommendations.
2 books this time
Plus, they are for children.
As always lets start with a video, Right?
Everyone wants JW Evolution
Actally one book.
So, Dinosaurs it is
It is published in 1995.
No, Raptor GIF Time!!!!
Actually, Spino saying goodbye

Dinosaur Youtube Channels

Hi, today I'm going to blog about Youtube channels. Here are good Youtube channels

Your Dinosaurs are Wrong
Each video on a different dinosaur and very accurate.

PBS Eons
Not just on dinosaurs but, all paleo subjects. Plus don't watch their funding updates.

Trey the Explainer
Has other videos too but, I only recommend his educational paleo ones.


Brian Engh Paleoart
Has cool videos but, just wach ones beside his lectures and not his short one.

The Vividen
Has cool videos but, please just watch his dinosaur videos.

Please just watch his dino ones

Ok, that is it.

Brian Engh Dinosaur Art Resources

I love Brian Engh. He is a really good artist. This is just a list of resources kinda like the one on I Know Dino.

Savage Ancient Seas

1. Savage Ancient Seas video

2. Seeing the Savage Ancient Seas exhibit.

Dinosaurs of Copper Ridge

1. Dinosaurs of Copper Ridge: Part 1 video

2. Going to see birds in nature
3. Seeing the Copper Ridge trackway
4. SV-POW! long necked sexual selection article, which is interesting
5. Dinosaurs of Copper Ridge: Part 2 video

6. Subscribing to the Hyena Project on Youtube
7. Follow Anne Hilborn on Twitter
8. Alaska Salmon Program on Twitter
9. Arjun Dheer on Twitter
10. Hyena Project on Twitter
11. The book, The Carnivorous Dinosaurs by Kenneth Carpenter
12. Check out the Hyena Project website


1. Aquilops video

2. Raymond Alf Museum Youtube
3. Raymond Alf Museum Aquilops video

4. Utahraptor Project
5. Visit the Alf Museum
6. Look for lizards
7. Research
8. Nerd Nite talk on Aquilops


1. Allosaurus video

2. Allosaurus scientific paper

Mill …

Dinosaur Profile: Triceratops

Triceratops Triceratops was an herbivorous dinosaur, living around 66 million years ago. It lived alongside T.rex in the Hell Creek Formation. Its fossils have been found in Montana and South Dakota. It had a frill on its head to protect it from enemies. The environment which it lived in was swampy with redwood forests and many small trees and also swamps and rivers which was very coastal. 

Dinosaur Reading for June 2018

This is my June reading list. Hope you enjoy!

For Young Audiences

Children's Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs by Clare Hibbert
Gives an idea to readers about dinosaurs and their world

Dinosaur Days by Joyce Milton
On dinosaurs and what lived with them

For General Readers

The Amazing World of Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Journey Through the Mesozoic Era by James Kuether
Book on a lot of dinosaur information and if you buy a little more, you get a set of dinosaur playing cards

Discovering Dinosaurs by Bob Walters
Describes over 100 species of dinosaurs

For Enthusiasts

Jurassic West by John Foster
On the Morrison Formation

Thagomizers and Other Reading Lists

Since this a dino book blog, I'm going to post recommendations and first let's get started with Thagomizers.

Another list for Jurassic World is on Kirkus Reviews.

That is it. Hope you enjoy

Prehistoric Times Recommended Stuff/Reading

Do you read or want to read the Prehistoric Times? Then this post is for you.

Prehistoric Times

Buy them here and do anything it recommends you to do.